The buttons displayed indicate which formats are acceptable. When given the option to purchase a print or digital copy the instructor is indicating either format is acceptable.
Digital textbooks purchased through the publisher (Latin, Science, Theology and some Math) are only good for one year and cannot be transferred. Spanish, French, and Italian World Language book codes are good for 3-4 years for an individual user only and may not be transferred. Digital books purchased through iTunes may be shared via Family Sharing.
Depending on the merchant from whom you select to purchase each item, you may wish to refrain from checking out until you have made all your selections first, in case you wind up selecting the same merchant for multiple items. If this occurs you can most often keep adidng items to the shopping cart of each merchant and then when you are finshed making all your selections, return to check out only once with each merchant. Be aware though that some merchants will only hold items in your cart for a limited time.
The best thing to do is find out if you may return it to the merchant from whom you purchased it for a refund. You may also try to find another student at school who will purchase it from you. If neither of these options work try using the Buy Back feature on this site by clicking the button below labeled 'I want to sell my books.' There you will be able to search on an ISBN to see if there are any online merchants offering a buy back for the book.
Please contact the merchant with whom you placed the order.
The Marketplace button uses a dynamic search engine which searches a variety of merchants in real-time and returns the results it finds. If in the event that there are no merchants at that moment who actually have the item available then the results may be blank or show an error. Since the search is dynamic the results can change at any moment. You may want to try again later or the following day.
You may use either as you wish. The Marketplace button will search the online marketplace for merchants who have the item available for purchase in either NEW and/or USED condition and also for RENT. You will likely find the best available price from among these online merchants. But you may wish to buy a brand new copy directly from the publisher (or publisher's distributor) if available. The choice is yours.
At the top left of the search results are 3 tabs which allow you to view NEW USED and RENT items.
This site is designed to be only a tool to help you shop for your course materials. Because you don't actually purchase anything from this site directly there is no need to create an account or log in. You will need to have an established account on the merchant sites from whom you choose to make purchases.
ISBN is an acronym that stands for International Standard Book Number. Almost every book has an ISBN which can be found on the back cover. The term Item ID is a more global term for the identification number of the book or item. Generally if a book has an ISBN then the ISBN is the Item ID. Many eBooks have Item IDs that are not techinically an ISBN.
Up until a few years ago the book industry standard was the 10 digit ISBN. Nowadays the standard is the 13 digit ISBN. Either format will work. The only difference between the two formats is that the 13 digit format has '978' added to the front of the number and most often the last digit will be different. The reason the last digit may be different is because it is calculated by using a complex algorithm based on the other digits. For a fascinating read check out what Wikipedia has to say about how an ISBN check-digit is calculated.
Who knows? In the event the publisher's price for an item is less than any Marketplace merchant it would probably be best to purchase the item from the publisher.

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